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Created 26-Jun-10
Modified 22-Sep-19
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The Keil Cove Adventure my swim buddy, Greg, and I had a few weeks back was by far not the longest swim in the Bay we've done. But on the adventure-o-meter - it was almost unparalleled.

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Map of SwimKeil Cove as Seen from Angel IslandAerial with a bit of Keil Cove showing.Across From Where We ParkedTiburon Pier Where We JumpedDiagram of Start of SwimDiagram of Rock we Jumped off ofThe First in a Series of Tiburon Mansions We Swam Next ToThe Only Photographic Evidence We Made it to Keil Cove BeachBluish Whiskers CousinPirouette on the RocksMy Keil Cove KeepsakeQuarantined