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Created 15-Jul-18
Modified 22-Sep-19
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In June 2016, I snapped a photo of Al and Jen (Al's kidney donor) post-transplant.

I love the composition, the sense of mood, the lighting. Rich is on the left (Jen's husband) and Paul is on the right (our neighbor).

It has a gentle, timeless... slightly surreal quality; and Rich and Paul could almost be archaengels who are guarding. Even the IV has a crucifix-quality.

The image fell into one of the crevices of my brain and the brain kept chewing on it.

It was only this year (July 2018) when I was at a Magritte show at MoMA, that I realized: windows (from inside out; or from outside in) are a curious photo to snap. They come with their own frame... like an old Dutch masterpiece.

And each tells a story. Is the finish around the glass smooth, or rough? Are we in SF or in Oakland. Are there plants out the window? How about sky.

I'll keep my eye out for more of these "ready made" compositions.

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