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Taken 23-Jul-18
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Tennessee Valley (2 poems)

Tennessee Valley Beach Romance

It was a Tennessee Valley beach romance
The elements of water, air and stone
Entwined with seaweed, brine and foam
A primal picture painted, our nerves enhanced

We plunged, and Cenozoic did renounce
The powdered sugar walls of reddish stone
And timeless jade clear water set the tone
Towards “Pirate’s Cove” we slowly did advance.

The ocean’s grand glory, the cliffs’ expanse
The lacy white of surf that roams…
The sense of mystery was honed
Leaving for the week traces of trance.

Tennessee Valley 5/12/18

In we went into the greatness
In the waveness, brightness, tealness
In between the solid rockness
Of improbable dimensions

And we felt its mighty vastness
With our crazy crazy smallness
One with Nature and aliveness,
And incomparable friendships

Back we turned under the sunness
Through the windness ever dauntless
Greeted were we with the sandness
Warmness, foodness and our fellows
Apple iPhone SE, f/2.2 @ 4.15 mm, 1/30, ISO 100, No Flash

Tennessee Valley (2 poems)