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My friend, Lisa Amorao, kept a running gratitude commentary on her facebook page. She tagged it #dailydelights and she always chose three distinct items per day that brought her delight. Never mind if her day was black or her load was difficult - she faced some tough, trying and sad things: but she always noted the good: whether it was birds, conditions of the water, swims, friends, food (aka #victuals), plants or landscapes.
Lisa died tragically on May 29, 2022. She has left an enormous host of ardent friends, followers, lovers, family and grievers. Part of the legacy of this beautiful soul is that #dailydelights have sprung up and become a practice for many in her crowd.
Lisa, I don't like the overly public nature of posting on facebook; but I will follow you as well, right here --> hopefully with some #dailydelights of my own. Thank you friend for the many many gifts you gave me. You were incapable of meeting without bringing that green bag with a yellow morel print with goodies to any swim we did: and I would find offerings from your garden in it; petite plates from the Japanese store or wonderful books in it. But even more you brought gifts of contemplation, listening and exploring betterment. You lead by example; and I will try to follow.

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