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Created 7-Mar-21
Modified 7-Mar-21
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Hear ye! Hear ye! Today you will all remember as the day that the mattress did NOT get away from me!

In 2014 when I was sick, I asked Al to buy me a natural mattress with no fire retardant.
I have enjoyed it. Al not as much.
It's 2021 now (I think we rotated it one time)... we've been talking about flipping it.
I am so proud, today with a little bit of clever, and a little bit of right posture and squat power... I flipped that sucker in 45 minutes all by my lonesome!

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Original box spring config and mattress that I removedSwapping the two box spirngsNew box spring config. Mattress standing in wait.My first Aha!West side of mattress successfully elevated onto dog foodThe East side of the mattress was trickierCoaxing East side onto second layer of cans.Looking from the WestTantalizingTa da! The pancake has been flipped!Hi lovely. You are right where I want you to be!Nothing to itVictory!